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Island Palate Catering

Taste the Caribbean and explore the flavors of an international menu with Island Palate Catering. Experience exquisite dining, extraordinary services and a palate-pleasing cuisine crafted by the artistry of an award-winning chef. Bring flavor to your elegant tables and create an experience unlike any other with Island Palate Catering.


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Catering Every Detail

Island Palate Catering delivers excellence and elegance to the details of every event. The passion for service, mastery of culinary art and the talent for creating authentic and culturally rich cuisine creates unforgettable experiences on your magical day. Enjoy the finest and freshest ingredients calculated with perfect measure and prepared to absolute perfection. Excite your sophisticated palate with a tour of a global menu that is customized for your unique table. Precision and professionalism are evident in every detail, from planning to execution. Bring imagination and create an unparalleled food experience that masters the art of presentation and service.


Meet the Chef

Meet the award-winning chef, Jose Metellus, and discover the influences that make your dining experience unique. Jose is a Certified Chef and member of the American Culinary Federation. He is a graduate of a leading culinary arts program at Atlantic Technical College. His formal education and years of mastery of the art assures perfection and authenticity. While he realized his passion for food when he was only nine years-old in the kitchen with his grandmother, his repertoire was developed and expanded by his experience with upscale resorts and fine dining establishments. His extraordinary talent won first place in the Taste of the Island, and has been recognized and approved by prestigious organizations. His love for catering creates unique experiences and brings something exciting to the industry. Island Palate Catering is a family owned and operated catering company that maintains family as a core value. Bring your family and friends to the table, and serve the finest on your most momentous occasions with Island Palate Catering.


Creating Unique Catering Experiences

Celebrations revolve around food, making catering one of the most important elements of the event you are planning. Creating an unforgettable celebration requires delivery of an experience unlike any other. Island Palate Catering customizes every dish for your unique palate, theme and taste. Explore unique service options and experience the finest services. Effortlessly plan with the chef and a hands-on approach that customizes your table of cuisine and services to match the tone of your event. Island Palate Catering is defined by professionalism, reputation and flavor. Whatever you imagine, Island Palate Catering creates.

Catering at Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

Catering Consultation and Tasting

Island Palate Catering is catering outside the box. A culinary team creates an explosion of flavor with the freshest and finest ingredients, and a perfect blend of passion, creativity and excellence. Planning your unique dining experience begins with a consultation and tasting. Choose your sample of entrees, sides and appetizers, and explore the possibilities for service during a VIP consultation. Plan your catering with a culinary artist and develop a genuine relationship with the chef throughout the entire planning process. Island Palate Catering is committed to creating the experiences you envision. Whether you are planning a day of event breakfast or brunch, rehearsal dinner, wedding day or all of the above, plan a remarkable culinary experience with Island Palate Catering.

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