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Planning Outdoor Weddings

Outdoors Weddings

Outdoor weddings follow a timeline of perfection that has no room for rainstorms and bad weather. The outdoors offers an aesthetic which nothing else can compare, but when Murphy’s Law is in full force and effect, we need a plan. Here are some tips for planning outdoor weddings.

Predictions for Outdoor Weddings

Your wedding day is a carefully planned date. Whether the stars align like Jupiter and Saturn or this day means something special to you and your partner, you will need to do some research and create some predictions. That magical golden hour where the sun casts upon your loving expressions and clear blue skies might not play out the way you imagine. Before you walk the aisle to a summer beach to be met with midges, sand flies and rainstorms, tour the site of your wedding day to create a plan that embraces some predictions. You might change the time of day, plan with tents or spray on a perfume that contains an insect repellent, such as Aromaflage and Bombshell. Outdoor weddings require that you create a plan to be prepared.

Outdoor Weddings

Some Improvisational Skills Required

Outdoor weddings require some degree of improvisational skills. The whimsical playground of nature should fit your personality. If you are not the outdoorsy bride, you might reconsider. Be prepared that the day might present some unexpected challenges, such as cloudy skies, frizzy hair and a downpour. Accept that the unplanned can happen, and prepare for what can go wrong. Consider having a hair and makeup artist on standby with a private space for touch ups between photographs. Plan a change of dresses between the ceremony and the reception. Be prepared to have a quick change of plans to make the outdoor space work or a plan to move the outdoors space in.

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

Outdoor Weddings Need a Coordinator

Outdoor weddings need a coordinator. The day of event coordinator carries out functions as their title indicates. They manage the flow of the wedding party and guests. So much can go wrong with an outdoor wedding, and those possibilities require an expert to implement a backup plan and create a seamless transition when the moments require it. A day of event coordinator guarantees that the wedding party makes an entrance in the appropriate order and at the appropriate time. Entrances, music and ceremonial events are all managed according to the timeline and plan. A day of event coordinator manages seating at the reception, and ensures that the caterer and vendors are all in place and carry out their functions according to schedule. Gifts are arranged, food services are managed, toasting and speeches are organized, and the first dance and music are coordinated just the way you imagined.

Taking Cover

Your wedding might take place on the beach, but you might consider bringing the reception indoors. The perfect venue for a beach wedding would be a beach side ballroom that overlooks the ocean. This would avoid tenting the outdoors and assembling dance floors. Select a wedding venue with a dedicated design team and all the décor as part of your wedding package to guarantee that the elements of the outdoors wedding are incorporated into your indoor space. Choose a beach side wedding venue with versatility to host the wedding on the beach or indoors, and the décor to make the magic occur in both places.

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace is an all-inclusive wedding venue that creates an affordable destination wedding. The all-inclusive concept delivers the entire wedding with flowers, décor, tables, chairs, centerpieces, lighting, linens, chinaware and staff services. Create your magical ceremony in the sand or in the ballroom, and step inside an elegant ballroom designed just for you.


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Discover the Crystal Ballroom experience. Imagine your unique moments during a guided tour behind the scenes, and receive a consultation with our planning professionals. 

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