Wedding Music is an Important Decision

Wedding Music
Wedding Music

The entertainment at your wedding venue will say everything about your special day. The decision to hire a live band or choose a wedding DJ is an important one that requires careful consideration. Ultimately, deciding whether you appreciate the immersive live entertainment experience, the elegance of stringed instruments or the continuous vibe that cross-fades between songs will be decided by the vision you have for your wedding day. The importance of choosing the right wedding music will be realized during the celebration of your magical moment.

Live Wedding Music

Live musicians set the mood and can change it in the moment. It can be an experience beyond sophistication and elegance that can offer energy and flexibility. Live wedding music created by a band is a live experience that adds life to the occasion. It takes the observer back in awe and grabs attention. It breaks down the barriers between genre and decade, and can be entertaining and appreciated as an art by all.

If you choose live wedding music, you appreciate the art of music and that there is a living person with the ability to infiltrate their uniqueness into their rendition of your playlist. The reasons someone chooses to see a band performance live are some of the same reasons a couple might choose live music on their wedding day. If you dream up jazz horns, a stringed quartet or a full band, you will definitely want a live wedding music.

Choosing a Wedding DJ

A wedding DJ is not sticking a radio in the corner, and can be an interactive and entertaining experience. Every wedding DJ will have a different style that can include light shows and sometimes live performers. Know that style and make sure the vibe matches yours. Imagine the type of celebration you want to hold, and seek the wedding DJ that can create it. This goes beyond the music. A wedding DJ can offer special entertainment to interact with your guests, special light effects, an interactive photo booth experience and other special effects to increase the dynamic of the experience.

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace is an all-inclusive wedding venue with relationships with trusted musicians and wedding DJ’s to create the experience you envision. Weddings at Crystal Ballroom include access to professional vendors and the in-house design team to make your dream wedding come true. All you need to do is decide between live music and the DJ, and bring your celebration to this picturesque wedding venue.

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