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Book a Glamorous Live Band Experience for Your Wedding Music

Live Band Wedding Music
Courtesy of Fleur Seule: Image by HIDEKI AONO PHOTO

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“Bring glamour back!” -Allyson Briggs

Plan your sophisticated event with an eclectic cocktail of classy entertainment and a genre of music from an era that infuses syncopated rhythms, vintage fashion and retro-jazz. If you are dreaming up something elegant and classy, bring that something different to the stage of your magical event. Deliver an impressive entertainment experience and make your moments more memorable. Plan your entertainment with Fleur Seule, and experience sophistication and glamour with an unforgettable live band performance on your wedding day.

Meet Allyson Briggs, Band Leader and Vocalist

Meet Fleur Seule and the extraordinary lead vocalist, Allyson Briggs. With over 300 performances per year, she is one of the most sought-after vocalists. From thousands of events and world tours to a world of music culture in the heart of New York, comes a refined vocalist and musical artist with an impressive repertoire unmatched by any other. Fleur Seule has opened the stage for Paris Hilton in Las Vegas, shared the stage with Lionel Richie at the exclusive members-only Everglades Club in West Palm Beach, performed on stage at Carnegie Hall, performed at several Netflix premier events, and opened for the film premier of Babylon, starring Brad Pitt. Now, you can create a unique entertainment experience with a professional artist, and make your magical moments unforgettable at Crystal Ballroom.

Allyson Briggs

Customizing Your Live Band and Wedding Entertainment

When you plan with Fleur Seule, you are planning something extraordinary. There are no set playlists, and you get to design the blueprints for the live band and wedding music that fill your stage. An incredible performance with a customized playlist is delivered to match your theme and the tone of your event. Every element of your celebration, from music to costume, is a unique experience, every single time. Fleur Seule creates a custom-designed stage and orchestrates a uniquely choreographed performance with songs that fit your theme and a vibe that matches your crowd. Customize your music for an experience everyone will enjoy. Whether you envision jazz, French chanson or classic salsa, bring old Hollywood glamour to your elegant event with Fleur Seule.

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“Fleur Seule brings the glamour and swinging sounds of the Golden Age of Hollywood to life on stage.” -Allyson Briggs
Live Band

Book a Live Band for Your Wedding Music

Unlike booking agents and talent agencies, when you plan with Fleur Seule, you plan your live wedding music with the leader of the band. Create a relationship throughout your planning journey with the talent that will perform on your wedding day. Whether you envision a duo or trio for your ceremony and cocktail hour or a five to thirteen piece band for every important event on your timeline, Fleur Seule helps you plan your experience. Envision a classic old-school salsa band, classic hits from the 70’s or an acoustic-style spin on the modern music you love. Add the perfect touch to your Great Gatsby theme and turn your cocktail hour into a 1920’s speakeasy or serenade your elegant dinner party with an expansive international library of the old-school world. Make your music part of your theme with Fleur Seule, and plan something extraordinary.


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Discover the Crystal Ballroom experience. Imagine your unique moments during a guided tour behind the scenes, and receive a consultation with our planning professionals. 

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