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The Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

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A Romantic Wedding Venue

Romantic Wedding Venue

Selecting Your Dream Wedding Venue

For those on the lookout for a captivating and romantic location to exchange vows, look no further. Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace is the ideal setting to craft your love story. This enchanting, beachside venue not only offers breathtaking ocean views but also boasts an elegant interior. Every corner is thoughtfully designed by our professional in-house team to reflect a variety of imaginative themes. Come and see for yourself why countless couples are choosing this exquisite venue for their special day.

Romantic Wedding Venue

A Stunningly Beautiful Wedding Venue

The unparalleled beauty and sophistication of this venue set it apart from all others. It's not merely a space; it's a collaborative effort of our in-house design team, working hand-in-hand with couples to meticulously plan, design, and bring to life the wedding theme from the ceremony through to the reception. Every element, including the decor, draperies, uplighting, tables, fine china, and the signature chandeliers of the Crystal Ballroom, are provided to help you realize your dream wedding.

Wedding Venue

An Affordable Dream Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace offers a dream wedding experience that’s both enchanting and budget-friendly with its all-inclusive concept. This approach not only helps you save thousands in wedding planning but also provides a clear, upfront cost for nearly the entire event. With a range of customizable upgrade options, you can tailor your wedding package to fit your budget perfectly. The venue includes comprehensive services such as an in-house design team for decorating the ceremony and reception areas, a bartender, banquet staff, and essentials like tables, chairs, fine china, napkins, linens, sashes, runners, overlays, charger plates, votive candles, centerpieces, and uplighting. By bundling all these elements into one package, Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace stands out as an exceptionally affordable wedding venue.

Fully Equipped and Artistically Designed Venue

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace offers more than just a venue; it provides access to expert designers and a wealth of décor and centerpiece options. Floral centerpieces are a classic choice, adaptable to any theme and capable of transforming the ambiance of your venue. Candelabra centerpieces bring a dramatic and elegant touch, with their height, color, and finish enhancing the room's texture and dimension. Candle centerpieces are another versatile option, adding a dramatic flair and complementing nearly any décor and theme. Our professional team at Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace is dedicated to designing a venue that aligns perfectly with your wedding vision.

Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

At The Crystal Ballroom Ballroom BeachPlace, we turn your wedding dreams into reality with our all-inclusive package. This comprehensive approach provides everything you need for your big day — from flowers and décor to tables and fine china — all in one package, eliminating the need for separate rentals. Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace stands out not only as an affordable choice but also as one of the most distinctive venues. Let your imagination soar at Crystal Ballroom and discover what makes us uniquely exceptional.


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Discover the Crystal Ballroom experience. Imagine your unique moments during a guided tour behind the scenes, and receive a consultation with our planning professionals. 

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