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Choosing Your Wedding Cake Designer

Wedding Cake

If you are seeking ways to make your wedding a little sweeter with a professionally designed and themed wedding cake, you have come to the right place. The wedding cake is central to the theme. That is why it is one of the most important decisions to make about your wedding day. A bride’s dream is to cut a piece of sculptured cake art that creates an unforgettable magical moment. These tips should help you make the very important decisions about your wedding cake designer.

The Size of the Experience

Choose a wedding cake designer that has the ability to create your dream cake, regardless of its size. Whether you envision ten tiers or two, experience all the grandeur you deserve on your magical day. If you are hosting a smaller wedding, but want the French themed fairy tale, make sure your wedding cake designer can deliver the Eiffel Tower. A cake designer that can implement dummy tiers can create the illusion and all the awe, and still deliver a wedding cake to match the size of your event.

Avoid a Box on the Shelf

Avoid a wedding cake designer that uses cake mix from a shelf. A truly talented cake artist will be the master of the kitchen that mixes and measures every ounce of cake art from scratch. Do not settle for the box flavor. Choose a wedding cake designer with unique flavors and fillings. Add variety that cannot be found in a box. Always look for the finest ingredients and the ability to have flavor variations between the layers and tiers.

Wedding Cake

A Wedding Cake Tasting

A wedding cake tasting is an important part of the planning process. If you will be creating a unique design, you will need the opportunity to meet with your cake artist to brainstorm ideas and discuss your wedding theme, colors, flowers, stationary, and all of the details you would like your cake design to portray. This is the opportunity to taste the cake and fillings. You will have an opportunity to develop drawings and work with a model cake. Always choose a wedding cake designer that offers a personalized and unique cake tasting experience.

Wedding Cake

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

Your wedding cake is central to your wedding theme. If you want to bring a Cinderella fairy tale or the whimsical adventure of Alice in Wonderland to life, you will need to do a little research to find a master wedding cake artist. Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace makes finding your master cake artist a little easier. The all-inclusive wedding venue has a featured wedding cake designer to make your search a little shorter. Bring imagination to the professional designers at the ballroom for an unforgettable wedding day, and meet the wedding cake designer that can set your cake table with a masterpiece. Match your stationary, flowers, wedding dress, theme and color scheme or be inspired by a princess story. You will experience ballroom designs unlike any other, and have a wedding cake that no one else will ever have.


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