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Everything You Should Know About Your Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake will be one of the most iconic pieces of your wedding day. Whether you choose six tiers or two, it will bring all the elements of your theme together into one masterful piece of art. Since your wedding cake is such an important part of your wedding day, it deserves a little planning. These tips should help you plan for the perfect wedding cake experience.

Meeting Bakers

You might have a favorite family member or friend that is determined to bake your cake; however, this is a task that should be reserved for a professional. Couples invest so much in the creation of this one magical day to make it absolutely perfect. Risking an essential part of your wedding day to an amateur is not worth any savings you might receive. A quick google search will reveal dozens of professional cake designers in your area. Read the reviews and view their portfolios. Your wedding venue probably has connections with professional cake designers that can create the wedding cake of your dreams.

Wedding Cake

Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Choosing your wedding cake is the sweetest part of wedding planning. A consultation and tasting with your wedding cake designer is an opportunity to sample different flavors and fillings. You might choose a couple different flavors and fillings for different layers. Once you know which flavors and fillings you want, your vision can begin to take shape. Envision your wedding theme and colors. Think about your invitations, napkins, centerpieces and your wedding dress. Imagine all of the details of your wedding day in a cake. Working with a professional cake artist will help you build the number of tiers you desire and sculpt your wedding cake to match your design.

Designing the Wedding Cake

The actual design of your wedding cake will come together with sketches or photographs of different elements of your wedding theme. Decide whether you want a square, rectangular or circle. You might even imagine a heart shaped cake. You will need to know how many guests you will serve to determine the actual scale of the masterpiece. If you want a tower with fewer guests, you might consider filling some layers with dummy cake. A professional cake designer normally has model cakes for you to manipulate during your consultation. This gives you an idea of size and shape. Once your wedding cake designer has the sketches and photographs to create your vision, you are ready to order.

Wedding Cake

Booking with the Best

If you have found your chosen baker, book early. The best bakers usually fill their calendar quickly. The amount of labor that goes into creating a cake limits the number of clients they are able to serve. You will probably be required to pay a deposit with the remaining balance due a later date.


The baker usually has an experienced delivery team with special equipment to make sure your wedding cake is delivered in perfect condition. Cake fees usually include delivery charges. If there is an extra charge for delivery, it is worth it to insure your cake investment.

Displaying Your Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is displayed at your reception. Make sure that you have a luxurious cake table to display your masterpiece. The creative design is deserving of a pedestal to showcase it. Beware of greedy fingers and temperature. It can be a good idea to keep your wedding cake out of the way until it is time for the cake cutting.

Cutting the Cake

Cutting the cake is an important wedding tradition that is performed at the reception, according to your wedding timeline. Couples usually invest in a decorative knife and serving utensils for the cake cutting ceremony. This moment will be photographed and cherished forever. The couple cuts the cake together, and takes turns feeding one another a piece of the cake before it is served to the guests.

Wedding Cake

Cutting the Cake at Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace creates fairy tale celebrations in a ballroom designed just for you. Bring imagination to Crystal Ballroom and meet the featured cake designer. Create a wedding cake from fantasy with a professional cake artist, and design your entire ceremony space and reception ballroom with the professional designers. Cut your cake on an elegant cake table at the luxurious Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace.


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