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Hiring Your Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography
Courtesy of Nova Imagery

Wedding photography is one of the most important wedding vendors you will hire for your wedding day. This is how you will document and remember all the details of your wedding. The style you love and a photographer’s personality are equally important. Let’s explore style and personality to help you on your search for wedding photography.

Shoot and Edit

The shoot and the edit are not the same. You might love the vintage look of a photograph that appears slightly washed out by the post-editing style. You can edit images to match the editing style you love, but how the images are captured in the moment is the result of the style of the shoot. While the shoot is important for documenting your moments the way you want, the post shoot editing creates all the artistic effects.

Defining Post-Production

Post-production effects are created post-processing with digital techniques and the creative vision of the photographer or a graphic designer. Finishing touches are usually made in an image-editing software, such as Photoshop or Lightroom. The masterpiece relies on good photography and pristine quality. Whether you want to retouch images to remove blemishes or process an image for a dramatic background, it would be accomplished during the post-production phase of your wedding photography.

Wedding Photography

Technique for Editing Wedding Photography

There are certain techniques that create the wedding photography you want. Cropping and leveling alters the size and shape of an image. This allows for different formats and sizes. Adjusting color and contrast is accomplished with tools to alter the saturation, enhance shadows and lighten or darken an image. The brightness of your image affects the perception of mood and temperature. Adjusting the horizon can remove all unwanted elements. It is important to have an experienced designer or wedding photographer handle the post-production work.

Creating the Wedding Photography You Want

It is important to choose the style of the shoot before you think about what happens in post-production. Classic wedding photography creates timeless posed portraits. Journalistic photography is a documentary style that utilizes the wedding day timeline to follow the wedding day and cover it like a news story as it unfolds. Editorial wedding photography is a rare style that captures moments worthy of a magazine cover. They are creative images that can tell a story with a focus on creating a specific mood or tone. Dramatic images can be accomplished with the mastery of off-camera flash, lighting and shutter speed. Fine art is traditional shooting with a light and airy feel. It visually narrates your wedding story with an artistic approach. The result is an image with a sophisticated, refined and elegant feeling. Find the style you love to find the artist that can create it.


Your photographer will be involved with and attached to every moment of your wedding. They will probably be in your face for posed images and working with you throughout the experience. It is important that you hire a photographer you like. Your facial expressions will reveal the vibe you receive from your photographer. Personality is just as important as skill and style.

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

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