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Plan a Wedding on a Timeline and Budget

Plan a Wedding

So how much and how long does it take to plan a wedding? The answers are different for everyone and are based upon how you are planning your fairy tale. Most couples begin to plan their wedding a year before their wedding day. Some couples plan in as little as three months. There are different circumstances that define each couple’s unique timeline and budget. It should never feel like a task or become overwhelming. Every step of the planning should create smiles and unforgettable moments along the way. These tips should help you plan a wedding with your unique timeline and budget.

Plan a Wedding that Fits

Plan a wedding that fits with your timeline, your vision and your budget. Calculate how much you are able to spend and make the dollars work to create the dream. Staying within budget can sometimes be more challenging than staying within time constraints. However, there is a way to plan a wedding that fits in your wallet and on your calendar. An all-inclusive wedding venue can provide the perfect solution. Not only will an all-inclusive wedding venue be the source of endless inspiration and tremendous savings, the all-inclusive packaging can put your entire wedding together relatively quickly.

Plan a Wedding with Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

If you are searching for ballroom elegance at an exotic location, you will fall in love with this affordable wedding venue. Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace creates elegant and affordable weddings. What makes an all-inclusive wedding venue affordable? The everything included rent a wedding concept provides the basic venue and services bundled into one price, making your dream wedding affordable. The ability to bundle all of the services, design and decor in an all-inclusive package creates the dream wedding on a budget and timeline. Plan a wedding with Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace and save thousands on your wedding day.

Plan a Wedding Party

Do not wait to choose and announce your wedding party. If you intend to plan a wedding on a short timeline, it will be especially important to select your bridesmaids, maid of honor, groomsmen and best man quickly. Once you have your wedding party established, you can begin creating your guest list. Invitations should be sent out between six to eight weeks prior to the wedding day. If you are going to plan a wedding on a shorter timeline, you could probably get away with less notice. Just keep in mind that giving less notice to your guests might mean less guests are able to attend. Some of your guests will probably need to make arrangements with work and some might need to make travel arrangements as well. It is always a good rule to lock down the wedding party early and give guests a couple months notice, if you can.

Plan a Wedding with Vendors

You will likely want to plan a wedding celebration that you will remember forever. Make sure you have a wedding photographer to immortalize every moment with photographs and video. This type of celebration will require some entertainment, such as live music or a deejay. Tradition says you should serve food to your guests, which usually requires catering. If you plan on cutting a cake, reach out to a cake designer and start planning the cake to match your theme and colors. Do not forget to secure your officiant in advance. This is just a basic list. There can be many more vendors involved in planning a wedding. To plan a wedding on your timeline, reach out to vendors as soon as you have a date to make sure they are available to cover your wedding day.

Wedding Attire

Selecting the attire is one of the most important steps to planning a wedding. Selecting the perfect wedding dress or tuxedo for the occasion involves some perfect timing. You cannot show up to the altar without a wedding dress or pants. Do not forget to dress your wedding party. If you are going to plan a wedding on a shorter timeline, do not delay shopping for wedding attire. Allocate enough time prior to the event to find the perfect attire for your special day, especially when it comes to choosing your wedding dress.

Plan a Wedding with Your Honeymoon

Plan a wedding simultaneously with your honeymoon. Think about a romantic getaway that fits into your wedding budget and the number of days you can afford for the trip. Your honeymoon can be as big as Paris or Rome or as romantic and close as the nearby beaches. Tour the area surrounding your desired wedding venue to find nearby resorts. If you are planning a cruise or to travel abroad, make sure you check vaccination, passport and visa requirements for your destination. Also check safety advisories from the U.S. Department of State.

Attend Pre-Wedding Events

A bride will likely attend a bridal shower that is hosted by the bridesmaids. There are also other very important events to attend, such as the rehearsal dinner and a mock table setting with your design team. As it nears the event, the bride and groom usually celebrate with their bridal party at a baccalaureate party and bachelor party.


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