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Planning Same Sex Weddings

Trends are changing and traditions are behind us. Let’s explore everything from who walks you down the aisle to matching your wedding attire. Let’s get creative with planning for same sex weddings.

Engagement Trends

It all starts with a big question. Some couples wonder who should ask who and at what point in the relationship. Popping the big question can happen at any time during the relationship and either party can take the initiative. There are no real rules to proposing. The more creative you can get, the better memories you will create. You can choose matching engagement rings or matching bands. It is also acceptable to give a gift or just do something romantic. If they love you, they will say yes, regardless of whether it is a pebble in a box or a diamond in a prong. Just keep in mind that most will expect to receive a token of some kind.

The Engagement Party

The engagement party is not to be confused with the rehearsal dinner. Traditionally, the bride’s parents host the engagement party within a couple months after the couple gets engaged. In the case of same sex weddings, do not let tradition make things confusing. As traditions, roles and circumstances change over time, we find more and more couples throwing their own engagement parties or the parents of the couple co-hosting the event. The celebration can take place in the backyard or at a formal venue. There are no real rules here. You get to decide how you want to celebrate.

Same Sex Weddings

The Wedding Party for Same Sex Weddings

Same sex weddings involve a wedding party, just as a traditional wedding. It is okay if your ceremony takes a different shape. Traditionally, the wedding party consists of the maid of honor, bridesmaids, best man, groomsmen, ushers, parents of the bride and parents of the groom. Children are not always included in weddings, but when they are, it is common to have flower girls, page boys and a ring bearer. Your wedding does not have to follow any predesigned blueprints. You can have bridesmaids or groomsmen on both sides. It is important to define your wedding party early. Select supportive friends and family that will help you through the journey of planning. There is only room for supporters when planning same sex weddings.

Same Sex Weddings

Wedding Attire for Same Sex Weddings

Coordinating wedding attire for same sex weddings is not much different than a traditional wedding. Whether two suits, two dresses or one of each, you should match or complement one another with the style and color. Do not feel stuck by the traditional white. You can have cathedral trains or matching suits in any color you imagine. Shopping for wedding attire can be one of the most exciting parts of getting married. You can shop for wedding attire together and forego the traditional first look.

Same Sex Weddings

Changing Up the Procession

In a traditional ceremony, the bride is walked down the aisle by her father. Same sex weddings do things a little differently. There are no rules that govern the procession. It is common to see the couple walk down the aisle together or walk down separate aisles at the same time and meet at the wedding arch. They can each walk arm in arm with their father or make it up as they go along. Believe it or not, it is very common to see the role of the father substituted in the procession with another individual.

Same Sex Weddings

To Give or Not to Give

Old traditions have the father giving away a bride. In same sex weddings, the couple can choose to have their father give them away to each other. While it is often seen as a parent giving their blessing, you can choose to ignore this tradition and do it differently. Some couples choose to have another family member give them away.

Same Sex Weddings

Ways to Make Same Sex Weddings Meaningful

A unity candle or sand ceremony can be performed during same sex weddings to make the moment more meaningful. A unity candle is a trio of candles, consisting of one larger pillar and two separate tapered candles. The couple uses their tapered candle to simultaneously light the pillar candle. The flames represent the love and souls of each, and lighting the pillar together is symbolic of joining the love and binding the souls in marriage. A sand ceremony signifies the coming together in unity in a very special way. It contains powerful symbolism and is a piece of art for keepsake. Colored sand is poured into a glass vase by the couple to create a layered effect of colorful art. You might also consider the Irish tradition of handfasting or jumping the broom.

Same Sex Weddings

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

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