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Planning Your Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Entertainment

Planning your wedding entertainment is an exciting part of planning the celebration. Whether you choose a live band, a wedding DJ or both, your entertainment will be one of the most remembered elements of your wedding day. Choosing the right talent requires that you consider a few important details. These tips will help you make some important decisions about your wedding entertainment.

Budgeting for the Wedding Entertainment

The budget is a guide that keeps us on course with wedding planning, and will probably play a role in deciding the type of wedding entertainment you will have. The average cost of a live band ranges between $2,000 and $5,000. Some bands cost even more. The cost depends on the size of the band, travel distance, the length of the event and the popularity of the band. A wedding DJ can cost significantly less, depending on the services you request. The average cost of a wedding DJ is about $800 to $1,900. Travel, the duration of your event and popularity will also affect the cost of services. If you request special effects, motivational dancers, a photo booth experience and additional services, you could expect to spend more. The budget should not make the entire decision on its own. You might have to massage your budget and reduce costs elsewhere to have the entertainment you want. Try to avoid letting your budget create sacrifices on your wedding day.

Wedding Entertainment

Important Details to Consider

Whether you book a live band or a DJ, there are a few things to consider. Determine how much space the talent requires to perform and whether the venue can accommodate their needs. Not every venue can accommodate a drummer, bass, lead, backup, rhythm and all the other sections of your ensemble. Some DJs have large booths, speakers, lighting and extra equipment to consider. If you are booking a photo booth, make sure you have adequate space. Check the sound restrictions surrounding the venue. It could negatively affect your celebration, if the music cannot be amplified. Some DJs have improvised by distributing headsets to guests when sound ordinances exist. If that is not how you envision your celebration, you will want to choose a venue that can accommodate the party you want. Interview your wedding entertainment and ask about their requirements and needs. It is a good idea to create a checklist to make sure your talent is a good fit for your wedding and the venue. There is more to consider about wedding entertainment than fitting into the space and not violating any noise ordinances.

Wedding Entertainment

Comparing Apples to Oranges

It can be challenging to choose the type of wedding entertainment you want, if you are not sure what you want. Questions about which type of entertainment is better are difficult ones to answer. There is not one type of entertainment better than another. It is kind of like comparing apples to oranges. A live band and wedding DJ are very different. They might play the same exact song, but the experience will be a completely different experience. Live bands have a different presence in the space. They are performing their own rendition of that popular song. If you have an appreciation for music and live performances, you might want a live band. If you want continuous music that blends and mixes seamlessly without interruption for a break after a set, you might want a DJ. There is more to a DJ than hitting play on the stereo. They are manipulating the high, mid and low ranges of recorded music and mixing tracks together to create their own creative performance. If you prefer the club-style atmosphere with a party that never stops, the choice of a DJ would be a better one. If you hold a greater appreciation for live performances and do not mind the breaks between, choose the band. This decision is all about personal preference and the type of celebration you envision.

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

Bring imagination to the elegant space of Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace, and we will help you choose incredible wedding entertainment. Meet with master designers and make your dream wedding come true in a luxury venue on the beachside. The all-inclusive wedding venue is completely designed by professional wedding designers and your imagination. The venue, furnishings, décor, fine china, bartenders and formal banquet staff are all included in every wedding package. Create unforgettable moments in a ballroom designed for you.


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Discover the Crystal Ballroom experience. Imagine your unique moments during a guided tour behind the scenes, and receive a consultation with our planning professionals. 

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