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The Wedding Day is the Bride's Day

Wedding Day

The wedding day is the bride's day. Every element should be designed to match her vision. Every strand of hair must be in place and every stroke of makeup must be flawless. Let's follow the bride through the wedding day for a few tips and ideas to make it perfect.

Accessorizing on the Wedding Day

Always prepare the night before to avoid last minute rushing and forgotten items. Carefully hang your dress to minimize wrinkles. Organize and arrange your matching accessories. Make a checklist from the top down. Begin with headpieces and hairpieces, and move down to the earrings and necklace. Do not forget your bracelet and any good luck charms. Include undergarments, the garter and shoes on the list.

Wedding Day

Getting Ready

The bride usually prepares most of the details prior to arrival at the wedding venue. When the bride arrives at the venue on her wedding day, she should have her hair styled and her makeup applied. Small touch-ups usually take place in the onsite bridal suite, as well as stepping into the dress. Wearing a white wedding dress to the venue risks disaster in the form of spills, smudges and puddles. Always step into the dress after the hair and makeup are complete.

Wedding Day

The Wedding Party

The day begins with the bride getting ready with the wedding party, but the roles of this important entourage do not end there. The wedding party includes the maid of honor and the bridesmaids. If children are part of the plan, the wedding party could include flower girls and page boys. The largest roles belong to the maid of honor and the bridesmaids. Their job is bigger than just walking down the aisle and standing in a line at the wedding arch. They play an integral part in the wedding day and in events leading up to the magical event. The bridal party is the support system for the bride on her wedding day.

The Reason for the Wedding Day

The wedding day brings a group together for a purpose. The celebration is part of it, but the ceremony is the reason for it all. The bride walks down a custom-designed aisle with her wedding party. Everything about the space should reflect the bride's personality and her theme.


The Reveal on the Wedding Day

The reception space reveal is a big deal, especially when the wedding venue has professional wedding designers to stage and design the space. Just after the cocktail hour and before the guests are invited to dine, the newlyweds get a private reveal of the magical space that was designed just for them. It is important to work with a venue that can create the space you envision.

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

Crystal Ballroom brings your wedding day to life. Professional wedding designers help you imagine and design your theme with exclusive Crystal Ballroom designs. This luxurious all-inclusive wedding venue bundles the venue, furnishings, staff services and décor into a tailored wedding package that includes banquet staff, bartender staff, and a professional in-house wedding designer. Bring your imagination to the design studio at Crystal Ballroom and create a fairy tale.


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Discover the Crystal Ballroom experience. Imagine your unique moments during a guided tour behind the scenes, and receive a consultation with our planning professionals. 

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