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Wedding Planner Tips and Ideas

Wedding Planner

Your wedding will be one of the most magical and momentous occasions of your entire life. A day with such importance calls for planning, and sometimes a wedding planner. Few things will compare to the excitement of planning your own wedding day, but sometimes we seek a little help from a wedding planner to make planning for your “I do” moment a little easier. Selecting a wedding planner that provides you with the perfect combination of assistance and autonomy to create the wedding of your dreams on a budget you never imagined will make planning your wedding an effortless journey.

A Full-Service Wedding Planner

If you are at ground zero and need direction, a full-service wedding planner can take control of every aspect of your planning to create the magical wedding of your dreams. Your wedding planner will help you select your wedding venue, manage correspondence between vendors, and oversee every detail up to and on the day of your fairy tale wedding. This level of service can have a fairy tale price tag to match, unless you utilize a full-service wedding planner within an all-inclusive wedding venue.

Choosing an all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house wedding planner, design team, day of event coordinator, and all of the décor, linens, lighting and fine china can save you thousands on your dream wedding, and provide you with the perfect level of autonomy to design your wedding the way you envision it. Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace is an all-inclusive wedding venue that masters the art of designing and planning weddings.

Wedding Planner

Limited-Service Wedding Planner

When you want to be your own wedding planner and save most of the details for yourself, hiring a limited-service wedding planner is an option. This level of service allows you to allocate specific parts of the planning, while maintaining most of the control. This type of service could include a month-of planner to assist with coordinating and overseeing the busy schedule involved in the weeks preceding your wedding day. They can assist with final contract negotiations, vendor payments and deliveries to the venue. If you choose a limited-service wedding planner, the wedding planner and design team included in every wedding package at Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace will work closely with your limited-service wedding planner for a successful event.

Day of Event Coordinator

A day of event coordinator is integral to a successful event. A day of event coordinator will meet with couples in discussion leading up to the wedding to create a timeline and overall vision for the layout of the special day. The primary function of a day of event coordinator is to oversee the actual wedding day to make sure every piece is in place. Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace has relationships with vendors to facilitate connections with trusted day of event coordinators to save you money and provide exceptional service.

Wedding Planner

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

The collaboration between the all-inclusive Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace and vendors makes planning the wedding of your dreams an effortless and memorable journey. Crystal Ballroom facilitates the connection with prestigious wedding dress designers, tailors, wedding cake designers, caterers, photographers, DJs, day of event coordinators, officiants, florists, and hair and makeup artists. A Crystal Ballroom event venue is elegance, flexibility and affordability.

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