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Get Inspired by These Wedding Veils

One of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding is shopping for wedding veils to match your dress. When you make your grand entrance and journey down the aisle, you will become the focal point of the entire room. Wedding veils are a significant part of the bride's wedding attire, and are an important decision. This little journey through some tradition and style will help you begin your journey with wedding veils.

History of Veils

Wedding veils are a symbolic element with a little history that takes us back to Rome during a time when brides veiled their face to hide from evil. Depending on religion and culture, wedding veils are everything from a symbol of class to hiding from the groom before marriage. Regardless of the history claimed or the reasons for wearing them, wedding veils have made the journey to Western wedding traditions to create a dramatic, elegant and fun style.

Cathedral Wedding Veils

Nothing could be more dramatic than a sheer cathedral veil that has no other purpose but to frame the beauty of the bride beneath. Sheer wedding veils match every silhouette and fabric. While there are not many rules when it comes to your headpieces, cathedral wedding veils are recommended for elegant and formal weddings. This is not to say that you cannot have the flowing cathedral veil blowing in the wind on your beach wedding.

Blusher Wedding Veils

The blusher is the portion of wedding veils that is designed to conceal the bride’s face until it is lifted for the kiss or when given away. The idea behind the blusher is probably closely linked to the tradition of hiding the bride until marriage. Nonetheless, it creates classic wedding veils.

Romantic Lace

Lace is always romantic, stylish and timeless. Lace wedding veils can match any dress, and remain elegant at every length.

A Juliet Cap

Combine a cloche style cap with a tulle veil to create the early twentieth century wedding veils from somewhere between 1910 and the 1940’s. Imagine "Romeo and Juliet" with this romantic look that is absolutely timeless.

Halo Wedding Veils

Halo wedding veils are the circle cut veils that crown the head. This style is made with a wreath-shaped wire that attaches to the veil. The vintage look is simple with a Bohemian flair.

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

The list of wedding veils does not stop here -it just begins. Finding the perfect veil to match your dress and theme is part of the journey. The designers at Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace can help you create your fairy tale wedding to make your journey complete.


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