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Choosing Your Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering

Every guest will walk away with the memory of the dining experience you create at your wedding venue. Wedding catering is such an important part of the reception that it can make or break the entire event. These tips for choosing your wedding catering will help you plan the perfect celebration.

Finding Your Wedding Catering

You could be disappointed by a photographer or annoyed by a drunk speech, but when the catering goes wrong it is a bad memory you will never forget. What can go wrong? The most critical mishaps that can occur with wedding catering are not arriving on time, food being cold, and not having enough food to feed all of your guests. Quality and presentation are extremely important as well. These reasons are why it is important to book with a seasoned catering company. Always use wedding catering companies that are recommended by your wedding venue. They have cultivated relationships with caterers by working on countless events together.

Wedding Catering at Crystal Ballroom

Building Your Table of Cuisine

You should always know the type of cuisine you want to serve, and the type of dining experience you desire to create before contacting a caterer. One of the most common dishes served at weddings is poultry. You can also choose seafood, beef, pork and vegetarian dishes. There are multiple types of cuisine, such as Italian, Asian, American and Caribbean. Decisions about the type of food you serve will be based upon your unique palate, your wedding theme and what you think your guests will enjoy most. Once you know what you want, you should choose a caterer that can create the desired experience. You can never go wrong with a little variety.

Dietary Requirements

If you do not request information about dietary requirements for your guests with the RSVP to the wedding, you should have another method for gathering this critical information. Certain dietary requirements can create medical emergencies. Peanuts and shellfish are common allergies. There could also be another medical condition or culture that creates specific dietary requirements.

Keep in mind that some of the most common allergens include peanuts, lactose, gluten, soy, pitted fruits, shellfish and strawberries.

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace Wedding Venue

Wedding Catering Should Offer Variety

It is considerate to offer diabetic foods to guests that have diabetes. Some religions requires kosher or halal meals. Halal and kosher meals avoid pork and pork products. These meals must be cooked in a kitchen where pork is not prepared. Some religions avoid shellfish. Hindu food laws require a vegetarian diet. You will not be able to please every guest in attendance, but your wedding catering should provide enough options for your guests to enjoy the experience.

Budgeting for the Food

You do not need to spend half of your wedding budget on the food, but your catering will consume a large portion of your budget. Never choose a caterer based solely upon the price of a plate. Keep in mind, if you spend too little, you risk disaster. A professional caterer with a reputation will cost about $30 per plate on average. Catering can cost much more. Avoid skimping on the dining experience. Some companies will negotiate and customize packages to provide savings. Having a drop-off service and a buffet can create more savings. It is more expensive to hire full-service catering and plated meals.

Beverage Packages

Some catering companies have a liquor license and offer bar packages. Beverage packages are one of the biggest issues in planning wedding catering, because they can be very expensive. Sometimes a catering company can create unique packages to help you save. If you are hosting your wedding at an all-inclusive wedding venue with bar services, you can save by purchasing alcohol and stocking your own bar. Not every beverage package involves alcohol. Get creative with your caterer and build a package that fits your vision for your wedding day.

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace is an all-inclusive wedding venue that bundles the venue, furnishings, décor and services into an affordable luxury wedding package. This saves you thousands on your wedding day, while providing an upfront cost for almost the entire event you are planning. Upgrades can help you customize your wedding to match your budget. Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace includes an in-house design team to decorate the entire ceremony space and reception ballroom, a bartender service, banquet staff, furnishings, chinaware, all the linens, centerpieces and décor. Crystal Ballroom also has relationships with professional wedding catering companies. Plan your fairy tale at Crystal Ballroom and build your entire wedding vendor team in one place.


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