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Getting Fit for Your Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Your wedding day is just around the corner, and so are a few dress fittings. Every bride has different fitness goals and a few things they would like to tighten up to make the dress fit perfectly. We have some tips for getting fit for your wedding day.

Planning Fitness Goals for Your Wedding Day

Every routine requires a little determination and some dedication. Your timeline will be very important for setting realistic fitness goals that can be accomplished before your wedding day. On average, it takes about six months of exercise and diet to really see a noticeable difference. You should create a week by week game plan that maps out your goals. Always consult with your physician before beginning any exercise routine.

Wedding Day

Toning Your Arms for Your Wedding Day

The sleeveless wedding gown is extremely popular for brides that want to showcase their arms. If this is the plan and you want to tone your arms before your wedding day, you might consider arm exercises. More time will provide opportunity for more results, but even a few weeks of arm-toning exercises is better than none. Low weight and high reps with dumbbells can target the biceps and triceps. Triceps are a common problem area for women. Under the arms, shoulders and back are other important areas, especially if you are considering a sleeveless dress.

The Shoulders

You can sculpt your shoulders and upper arms with three to five pound dumbbells. Hold a weight in each hand. While standing with your legs about shoulder-width apart, and your palms facing inward, raise your arms straight out in front of you until they are parallel with the ground. Hold it for a couple of seconds and repeat about fifteen to twenty times.

Push-Up for Your Wedding Day

The push-up is a very effective exercise. It works some important muscle groups that will matter on your wedding day. It targets the pectoral (chest muscles), deltoids (shoulders), triceps (back of the arms), abdominal muscles, and serratus anterior or the wing muscles that are located under the armpit. You could do several different exercises to achieve results or just drop and do twenty.

Wedding Day

Shaping Your Back for Your Wedding Day

The back is an exercise that sometimes gets overlooked, but is always noticed in the dress. The trick to eliminating back bulges is bent over rowing, pull-ups and push-ups. A bent over row is an easy and effective exercise. While leaning slightly forward with the knees bent, hold a barbell with your palms facing down. Keep your torso stationary, and lift the barbell towards your abdomen. Lower the barbell and repeat.

Tighten Up the Torso

Abdominal exercises are rarely a favorite, but they can help you tighten up your torso for a nicer fit in your dress. Lie on your back with your knees bent. Anchor your feet beneath an object or with the assistance of a friend. Tuck your hands behind your head and do twenty to twenty-five sit-ups by lifting your upper body upwards until your elbows meet with your knees. If you want to target the lower belly, focus on smaller crunches. You can strengthen your obliques and shape your torso with torso twists. Stand with your feet about hip-width apart and your hands behind your head. Tuck your pelvis inward and tighten your stomach as you lift your left knee to the right elbow. Then repeat with the right knee to the left elbow. Continue to alternate each side twenty times. This exercise can also be accomplished on the floor. Leg lifts are a powerful core exercise. Lie on your back with a yoga ball between your ankles. Place the back of your hands beneath your lower back to create a brace. Keep your shoulders against the floor and your legs straight as you raise and lower your feet.

Wedding Day

Eating Healthy for Your Wedding Day

Exercise is only half of the equation. You need to eat healthy to look healthy for your wedding day. Always consult with your physician before beginning a diet plan. Everyone has different needs. Some brides eat to gain weight, while others eat to lose it. Your diet should support your exercise routine and help you accomplish your unique set of goals. Your body will require a certain number of calories, vitamins and high protein food sources to fuel itself for exercise. It is important to be realistic about your goals. It is never recommended that you lose more than two pounds per week. If you are building muscle, you might not notice weight loss, but see a dramatic difference in your shape. Muscle weighs more than fat. Eating healthy is not starving. Avoid drastic measures to lose too much weight too soon. It will make you unhealthy and leave you with unwanted extra skin. It is better to lose weight slowly and shape your body with exercise simultaneously. It is recommended that you make a healthy diet part of your lifestyle that you can stick with long after your wedding day.

Wedding Day

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