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Hotels and Wedding Transportation

Wedding Transportation

Wedding Transportation and hotels are definitely at the top of a wedding planning checklist. Getting to the wedding venue and escaping to your honeymoon are just a part of it. A few important people require a special entrance and hotel accommodations. We have a few tips to help you plan your wedding transportation and hotels.

The Reason for Room Blocks

Room blocks place a specified number of rooms on hold for a certain amount of time at a special discounted rate. Before you request a room block, you should know how many guests will be traveling. It is recommended that you book rooms for one-third of the total couples traveling. You should try to pick hotels with lower and higher price points to create options for different budgets. It is important to note that room blocks will expire if rooms are not booked before a deadline. With a contracted room block, you are liable to book a certain number of rooms. While a contracted room block is usually cheaper, it might result in paying for unbooked rooms. It is a good idea to aim for a lower number of rooms to avoid paying fees. A complimentary room block avoids financial responsibility for unbooked rooms; however rooms are not guaranteed. Larger hotels offer discount codes in place of room blocks.

Wedding Transportation Needs

Who needs wedding transportation? The parents of the couple are usually at the top of the VIP list and ride in style. Depending on the size of the wedding party, you might require a limo or a party bus to transport the wedding party. Elderly and those with special needs might require special transportation. Some couples arrange for a shuttle to transport out of town guests. The bride and groom usually make a memorable entrance separately, and an unforgettable exit together. Get creative and match your theme with a horse-drawn carriage, limo, classic car or sports car.

Wedding Transportation
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Timeline for Booking Wedding Transportation

You should book your wedding transportation about six months prior to your wedding day. This falls perfectly onto the timeline after most of the thematic details are planned, but enough time in advance to guarantee the availability of the transportation. Keep in mind that the limited number of vehicles and the increase in the number of weddings can present challenges when you want a popular car. If you want an Aston Martin or a rare vintage ride, you might need to book a little earlier in the planning process.

Coordinating the Wedding Transportation

Coordinating the wedding transportation can get tricky, especially if you are moving a large group of people. You will need to lock down important locations in the plan, such as the location for picking up the wedding party on the day of the event and the precise time of arrival at your venue. You should calculate the travel time from each location and add an additional half hour for unexpected delays. If you are hosting your wedding in a different location than the reception, you will need to coordinate transportation between venues. The best way to simplify transportation between venues is to host your wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue.

Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

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