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Live Band on Your Wedding Day

live band
Courtesy of Fleur Seule

The wedding music is an important element of your wedding day that will never be forgotten. Couples have two options for how they deliver the music entertainment: choosing a deejay or a live band. We are sharing a few tips for planning a live band.

Where to Begin with a Live Band

Begin with your wedding venue. Choose a venue with preferred vendors to help you plan your entertainment. The venue should be able to help you find the talent that fits your vision for the experience you want to create. Most wedding venues have all the sound details worked out as far as logistics and noise ordinances. Just in case, make sure you check with your event advisor at your venue. Determine all the restrictions and limitations before you book your band. Ask about any restrictions, power supplies, equipment, available space for the size of your ensemble, room layout and any additional questions related to band requirements.

live band
Courtesy of Fleur Seule

The Influence of Style

If you have an appreciation for music and live performances, you might prefer a live band. A live band can create a performance and vibe to match your unique theme. An important feature of a band is the ability to customize the entertainment experience through costume, staging and delivery.

Interview a Live Band

Always interview a live band. Booking agents have a job to book talent, but your wedding day deserves the time spent on an interview with the actual talent. Make sure you have an opportunity to watch bands perform live or review a collection of videos. A live band can be exceptionally talented musically, but lack stage presence. The best fit for your wedding will have experience, talent and stage presence. Your talent must be able to create an interactive experience where guests will move, celebrate and have fun. This requires interaction between the talent and guests to motivate and entertain beyond the music.

Live Band
Courtesy of Fleur Seule

Master of Ceremonies

The Master of Ceremonies, commonly known as a MC, is essential to the wedding celebration. They will make introductions and make sure the celebration follows a timeline. This role is not to be confused with a day of event coordinator. This is your official announcer that creates a transition between music and important events. They will grab the attention of guests and interact with the party over a microphone. Determine whether your live band or DJ includes a MC, and do not forget this important detail.

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

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