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Planning a Bachelor Party and a Bachelorette Party

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

Planning parties is all about fun, and is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. The bachelor party and the bachelorette party are part of that planning adventure; however, there are a lot of decisions to make and possibilities to consider. Your besties will try to plan an unforgettable adventure on your last night single that does not conflict with your expectations. While most of the occasion will be a surprise and planned by your wedding party, you should definitely get involved with some of the planning for a few good reasons.

You Need to Know About Travel

When planning for a bachelor party or bachelorette party, you will need to determine whether there is travel involved. Much of this decision will rely on the budget for the party. Typically, it will cost more to travel than to stay close to home. Another factor will be whether the guests are available to make a distant travel. A demanding job and kids will definitely keep the party local. In the event someone is planning on taking you on the road to a paradise city far away for the weekend, you will need to know. You will also want to know the type of celebration being planned. You might not know all the fun details, but you will need to have some expectations.

Bachelor Party and Bachelorette Party Activities

Your friends might be planning travel, accommodations and be busy organizing some extreme activities. It is important to get involved with the planning to help create some expectations for your adventure and to lay down some ground rules. Not everyone wants to hop bars and explore the nightlife in a crazy city. Most groups will see this as a weekend to get drunk, party and relax. Since everyone has a different lifestyle and you might have a certain understanding in your relationship, it is important to stay involved in the planning enough to express what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.

Celebrations at Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

Funding the Celebration

Planning a wedding involves so much expense, but this lovely adventure is not one for the couple. The bachelor party and bachelorette party are planned for the bride and groom. The maid of honor and best man are usually in charge of a budget for planning. While the maid of honor is the team leader for the bride’s party, and groom is the leader for the groom’s party, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen will take part of planning together and make a contribution to creating the ultimate experience. All guests beyond the wedding party that will be attending these events will also make a contribution to make it unforgettable.

An Approved Bachelor Party and Bachelorette Party

A bachelorette party and a bachelor party might include a spa weekend, nights out on the town, an outdoors adventure, sports, comedy clubs, adult clubs, casinos or camping. Not all of these behaviors are acceptable for everyone. You should know exactly who is on the guest list and make sure the party is appropriate for all those in attendance. The bride might not want adult entertainment involved in the groom’s bachelor party, and the groom might not want adult entertainment involved in the bride’s bachelorette party. There might be an aunt or uncle that is extremely conservative and would not approve of some of the nightlife entertainment. It is important to know the guest list and discuss your feelings with each other as a couple to make decisions about what you feel is appropriate for your celebrations. Then share those feelings with your party planning team.

No Surprises with a Surprise

Even though you have expressed the type of party you want and what is acceptable, and most of everything else is supposed to be a surprise, you really do not want any surprises. You will need a basic itinerary for departure and return so you can plan accordingly. You will want to know the meeting point and necessary information for the bachelor party or bachelorette party. It might be important to know whether you need to bring a bathing suit, a party dress or hiking apparel.

Joint Bachelor Party and Bachelorette Party

Having a joint bachelor party and bachelorette party is trending for a couple of reasons. Couples are able to celebrate together with mutual friends. Couples are able to spend more time together prior to their wedding day. The last night before getting married is not really a last night of being single. Couples that are getting married are not single and have usually been in their committed relationship for quite a while. This allows them to be together and celebrate with friends as a couple. It also removes all of the stress and concerns about inappropriate celebrations. A joint bachelor party and bachelorette party combines the budget and can result in a more extravagant celebration.

Planning at Crystal Ballroom

Planning at Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

Plan your bachelor party or bachelorette party in the coastal city of Fort Lauderdale, and host your romantic ceremony and reception at Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace. Meet with the professional in-house design team to pick and choose your colors, theme and décor to design the ballroom of your dreams. Fall in love with a luxury wedding venue with ocean views. Every wedding package includes all of the furnishings, décor and services to create your fairy tale to perfection. Contact the master designers and planners at Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace to begin planning the celebration of your lifetime.


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