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Planning a Rustic Wedding

Rustic Wedding

Rustic weddings do not always take place outdoors. It can be about bringing the outdoors in. Combining a little nature with elegant details is all it takes to create the earthy and romantic fairy tale. Let’s explore some rustic wedding ideas to help create yours.

Décor for a Rustic Wedding

Every theme is brought to life with décor. Rustic weddings involve earthy elements. Bringing the outdoors into your wedding venue can be a subtle hint or a dramatic woodsy affair. Rustic is commonly mistaken for country. Instead of thinking country, imagine texture, flowers and candles. Table décor and centerpieces are the perfect accents to create a rustic vibe. Flickering candles with melted wax, oversized floral table runners with lots of greenery and lanterns can make the perfect combination to pull it all off.

Wedding Attire

Wedding attire for a rustic wedding can be anywhere on the spectrum, from simple to luxuriant. The atmosphere provides more freedom to pull off the look you want. Whether you imagine boots or sandals, both are acceptable. You can wear a tux or go with tweed fabrics and a vest. Accent your cuffs with a polished look or compliment the theme with wooden cufflinks. Go with a tie or without and wear those suspenders. Crown the bride with a floral wreath of a circle cut veil. Choose a vintage wedding dress, empire silhouette or a bohemian style. Bridesmaids can wear simple maxi dresses. The men can wear dress trousers and dress shirts to match your colors.

Rustic Wedding

Rustic Wedding Cake

A rustic wedding cake is easily accomplished. Leave off the rolled fondant and decorate with rough textures. Consider letting the crumble show through a thinly iced cake that contrasts the color of the icing. Chocolate is not just for the groom’s cake. Never be afraid to explore flavors and designs. Decorate with seasonal wild flowers and berries. Place your masterpiece on display and decorate the cake table with floral arrangements.

Rustic Wedding

Keeping it Elegant

Keeping a rustic wedding elegant is not challenging at all. The rough earthy vibe can be combined with fine and elegant touches. It is easily achieved with the design of the wedding venue. A wedding venue with an outdoor deck with an incredible view of nature or a body of water can create the rustic wedding vibe in the elegant setting you desire. Wedding venues can incorporate flowers, lanterns, vines and all the earthy elements, while maintaining the elegance your vision requires.

Rustic Wedding Traditions

You might consider adding some rustic wedding traditions to your ceremony. A sand ceremony combines an earthy element of nature to your ceremony. The bride and groom pour a small vase of colorful sand into a large decorative vase to symbolize the joining of the two into a new life together. It also creates a decorative keepsake. A handfasting ceremony is another rustic wedding tradition. A decorative and textured rope or braided cord is wrapped three times around the hands of the bride and groom during a ceremony.

Rustic Wedding

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

If you are searching for elegant venues to create a rustic wedding theme, look no further than Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace. This breathtakingly beautiful venue sits on the coast and overlooks Fort Lauderdale Beach. Dream up your magical moments with the in-house wedding designers to add rustic elements to one of the most elegant wedding venues in Florida. The floral arrangements, décor, furnishings and services are included. Make your dream wedding come true with Crystal Ballroom.


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