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Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring is a popular wedding season for the near perfect weather and all the color it brings to every romantic event. Since this season is full of colorful blooms, it is easy to bring in all of your favorite colors for your wedding day. Your wedding colors are more than just your favorite colors. The colors you choose to fill your wedding venue will affect mood and your guests’ perception of the experience you create. Imagine these spring wedding ideas to create your unique wedding day.

The Illusion of Color

Inside the illusion of color is a stimulating or calming experience that can vary based upon where the color lives on the color wheel. Warm colors exist on the red and orange side of the wheel. These stimulating colors can be energizing. Cool colors live on the side with blue and green. They create a relaxing and tranquil experience. Not all colors are experienced the same by everyone, but there seems to be a general association with colors. Let’s explore these spring wedding ideas to create your palette.

Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring Wedding Ideas for Color

Spring is the season of beautiful blooms. The dramatic blooms create colorful bouquets and add pink, light blue, bright yellow, lots of green and everything pastel. Flowers are naturally the easiest way to bring the season into the wedding venue. We can find no shortage of affectionate pink with romantic cherry blossom trees, peonies, camellia and roses in spring. Imagine pink, white, blue and lavender sweet peas and hydrangeas. Add variety with ranunculus in pink, orange, red, yellow, purple, and cream. Bring fuchsia and a reddish rose into your venue with droopy amaranthus. Add a happy yellow and an easy green with sunflowers. All the colors of spring can use a little green accent of eucalyptus.

Spring Wedding Colors

Triadic Combination

You should choose three wedding colors, a primary color and two complimentary colors. A triadic color combination is created with the shape of a triangle on the color wheel. Each point rests upon a color that is equidistant to the other, forming the shape of a triangle. This type of color combination creates a sense of harmony. Use these spring wedding ideas to help you choose three colors for your wedding day.

Spring Wedding Ideas

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

Create forever memories at the enchanting Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace. Let the master designers stage your wedding from ceremony to reception with elegant décor and layers of colorful floral arrangements. Bring imagination to this luxurious venue on the beach and create your romantic spring wedding of your dreams.


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