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Wedding Planning for the Wedding You Want

Wedding Planning

This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment when you'll declare your eternal love before the world. Your magical day should be flawless, without any compromises. Planning your dream wedding is simpler than you think. This checklist will guide you through the process of creating the wedding you truly desire.

Planning Your Wedding 12 Months in Advance

Many weddings are organized approximately 12 months ahead, although this isn't a strict rule. It's wise to plan early for several reasons. Your chosen wedding date holds significance, perhaps as an anniversary or another meaningful day. Take time to select a date that aligns with your wedding checklist timeline without feeling rushed.

Selecting Your Wedding Date

Start by choosing a wedding date that holds meaning for you, such as an anniversary. If you prefer a new date, begin by selecting a season and year while remaining flexible to match your venue's availability. Pick a date that fits your planning pace and book your venue early to secure your chosen date.

Seeking Inspiration

Explore magazines and Pinterest for inspiration. It's never too early to daydream and envision your ideal wedding. Browse through social media, blogs, and attend bridal shows to gather ideas for colors and themes. Touring all-inclusive wedding venues with in-house designers can help you create the vision for your special day.

Reviewing Your Budget

Your budget is crucial in maintaining a realistic wedding vision. Don't get discouraged; instead, consider hosting your wedding at an all-inclusive venue with an in-house design team, planners, and vendor connections. This can save you thousands while offering elegance and luxury in an affordable package.

Wedding Planning

Selecting Your Wedding Party

This is a delicate matter. Upon announcing your engagement, your close friends and family eagerly anticipate being asked to join your wedding party. Choose your wedding party members thoughtfully. Opt for individuals who are close, supportive, and positive. Avoid selecting bridesmaids or groomsmen based solely on past obligations or feelings. It's important to be prepared to have difficult conversations if necessary.

Guest Counting

While invitations are not yet sent out, it's crucial to start estimating your guest count. This preliminary count is essential for budgeting purposes. For instance, with a smaller wedding, you might allocate more budget for a luxurious dress by spending less on catering.

Building Your Wedding Team

Don't delay in assembling your wedding team. Once you have your date and venue secured, start choosing your photographer, caterer, cake decorator, DJ, and hair and makeup artist. Professional vendors' schedules fill up quickly, so prompt action is key. Consider vendors recommended by your venue; they may offer better rates and guarantee professionalism.

Nine-Month Wedding Planning

Shopping for your wedding attire is a thrilling aspect of planning. Nine months prior to your wedding, purchase your dream dress or dapper tuxedo. Booking your wedding at an all-inclusive venue may provide extra flexibility in your budget for the attire of your dreams. Use this time to also purchase other wedding party attire and arrange fittings.

Gift Registry and Website Planning

Now is the time to plan your gift registry and wedding website. Enjoy creating the registry with your partner and design a personalized website for your wedding. This platform will keep your wedding party and guests informed about key details like the wedding date, registry information, and travel arrangements.

Wedding Planning at Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

Wedding Planning in the Last 6 Months

Now is the time to design your wedding invitations. Embrace creativity with bows, ribbons, and DIY designs, or find a vendor who can bring your vision to life. Some couples opt for digital invitations sent via email. Ensure you have all addresses or email contacts ready. While it's not yet time to send the invites, don't procrastinate on this crucial wedding planning aspect.

Additionally, plan your honeymoon. Crafting a magical experience takes time and consideration. Choose your destination, purchase tickets, and if traveling abroad, check travel advisories and ensure you have your passport and visa.

Find the officiant who will craft your unique ceremony. Amidst wedding chaos, it's easy to overlook this crucial role. Remember, without an officiant, there's no wedding. Take time to select someone who aligns with your vision and incorporates your desired rituals. Consider your vows—will you create them yourselves or hire a professional vow writer?

Transportation matters. Don't forget about the limo! Arrive in style and plan your wedding exit with flair. Arrange transportation for your wedding party to ensure they arrive at the venue smoothly.

It's also time to draft your wedding timeline. Plan key events like cake cutting, the first dance, toasts, and the bouquet toss. Consider opting for an all-inclusive venue like Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace, which offers a day-of event coordinator package to assist with creating a seamless wedding day timeline.

Only 4 Months Left

With just four months to go, book the rehearsal dinner venue, sample and order the wedding cake, share your bridal shower guest list, and craft your music playlist for the DJ or band.

Wedding Planning in the Last 3 Months

Three months prior, finalize floral arrangements, purchase favors, compile a list of speakers for toasts, buy lingerie, schedule another dress fitting, purchase rings and a veil if necessary. This is the time to ask your chosen speakers to prepare their speeches and toasts.

In the Last 2 Months

Follow up with vendors, discuss details with your photographer and vendors, provide your DJ or band with a playlist, mail invitations, arrange a bachelor/bachelorette party, and ensure RSVPs are organized. About a month before, obtain your marriage license, schedule final fittings, stock the bar, settle vendor payments, confirm beauty appointments, assign seating, purchase gifts for your wedding party, write vows, and plan any hair color appointments.

In the Final Week

Ensure your day-of event coordinator has your timeline and task list. Collect your attire, finalize the headcount with the caterer, and pack for your honeymoon!

Wedding Planning

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

Celebrate your romantic ceremony and reception at the enchanting Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace. This comprehensive wedding venue provides everything you need for a dreamy fairy tale experience at a surprisingly affordable cost. Escape the stresses of wedding planning and realize your budget-friendly fantasy at this stunning beachfront location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Connect with our expert in-house designer and wedding planner to bring your vision to life for your special day.

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