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Wedding Traditions from Around the World

Wedding Traditions

Almost anything goes when it comes to modern wedding ceremonies. Each couple seeks to create a romantic and unforgettable celebration with their chosen customs and events. Which wedding traditions should you make part of your big day? If you need a little inspiration for planning your wedding, consider these wedding traditions from around the world.

Medieval Times

Medieval Times provides us with the sweetest of all wedding traditions. However, wedding cakes were not always that sweet. They were originally baked with wheat flour to be symbolic of fertility. If you follow this tradition by the book, it is also one of the messiest wedding traditions. After the cake was cut, it was thrown at the bride. Always ask the bride before making any attempts to baptize her with a cake on her wedding day. The modern version of these wedding traditions involve a multi-tiered cake designed to match theme and filled with flavor. The cutting of the cake is an important ceremony to symbolize commitment.

European Wedding Traditions

These wedding traditions originated in England and France during a time when the guests thought it was good luck to rip a piece of the bride’s wedding gown. To escape the crowd in one piece, the bride tossed her bouquet and the groom tossed her garters. In modern culture, the bouquet and garter are still thought of as lucky items and are said to identify the next to marry. Luckily, ripping the bride’s dress is a thing of the past.

Wedding Traditions

Jewish Weddings

Most of us have heard about the tradition of breaking glass on our wedding day. We can credit Jewish wedding traditions for this shattering event. The couple is given glass inside of a cloth bag to crush with their feet. Some say it signifies the Temple in Jerusalem, while others say it represents commitment during difficult times. Do not forget to have your guests shout Mazel Tov to wish you good luck.

Indian Weddings

If you want to create a romantic flame at your wedding ceremony and add some Indian wedding traditions to the mix, consider the Saptapadi. The Saptapadi signifies the union of the bride and groom. The marriage is not complete, unless the bride and groom take seven steps clockwise around the holy fire. If you are hosting your ceremony indoors, you might consider a large candle. This walk around the flame represents seven promises or vows to each other. The groom takes the bride by the hand and leads her four complete circles around the holy fire. Then the bride leads the groom the remaining three circles around the fire. With the completion of the seventh step, the marriage ceremony is complete.

Chinese Wedding Traditions

These Chinese wedding traditions involve a little fun. In China, the bride is carried on an elaborately decorated sedan chair to the groom’s home. Rice is often tossed at the bride during the travel for prosperity. A sedan chair ride can easily occur indoors at the wedding reception by having the guests carry the bride around on the dance floor with a small version of sedan chair.

Philippine Wedding Traditions

Ever wonder where the idea of releasing a pair of white doves originated? Wonder no more. The Philippines are responsible for these romantic wedding traditions. To represent harmony, a pair of white doves are released into the sky. This event is commonly incorporated into the wedding exit.

Wedding Traditions

African Wedding Traditions

The region that is now Ghana was known for locally made brooms among eighteenth-century European traders. Brooms symbolized sweeping away evil spirits, and became part of wedding ceremonies as a way to bless the couple. This custom found its way into African American ceremonies as a symbol of commitment. It became a common practice and a general reference to marriage to “jump over the broomstick.” Adding these wedding traditions to your ceremony can be a way to symbolize jumping into a new life with commitment to your partner.

Wedding Traditions

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

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