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Cheap Wedding Venues vs. Affordable

Cheap Wedding Venues

You are setting out on the wedding planning adventure and probably looking for cheap wedding venues. Cheap and affordable have two very different meanings that mean everything about quality and service. This exciting journey is full of daydreaming and hopes, as it should be. All too often, the wedding budget controls the fairy tale. Where you can create the fairy tale on your budget might surprise you.

The budget should never be a measure of your wedding day. It is possible to create the dream with an affordable price tag without settling for less at cheap wedding venues. What's the difference in cheap wedding venues and affordable dream venues? Everything. Consider these money saving tips before settling for less.

Cheap Wedding Venues

Accommodations at Cheap Wedding Venues

While most wedding venues package for the average, size is a relative variable. Couples planning a micro wedding with just a few close family members have a very different dream at heart than a couple with a 200 guest count. Cheap wedding venues might offer the space and tables, but that ability to provide accommodations with setting up, arranging and staging within the venue might be lacking. The larger your guest count, the more important bundling services becomes.

Never Settle

Never settle for less at cheap wedding venues. Make sure your venue is providing more than just the space with a place to sit. You will need fine china, linens, runners, chair sashes, table décor, floral arrangements and staff to manage your event. Make sure your venue can provide accommodations at the venue that go beyond the space and tables. Instead of searching for cheap wedding venues that will skimp on your dream, discover all-inclusive wedding venues that can provide the fairy tale while saving you more. All-inclusive venues can provide the space, décor, banquet staff, bartender, and all of the services to make your dream wedding come true at a cost that won't break the bank.

Cheap Wedding Venues

Services at Cheap Wedding Venues

The everything included concept provides an elegant wedding venue with more services and less cost than cheap wedding venues. All-inclusive wedding venues will not only save you thousands on planning your wedding day, it will give you an upfront cost for almost the entire event you are planning. If a wedding venue gives you different upgrade options, it will help you customize your wedding to match your budget. Cheap wedding venues cannot match the cost and service bundle of an all-inclusive venue.

Cheap Wedding Venues

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

When we use the term “all-inclusive,” we are defining a concept that provides the basic venue and services bundled into one affordable price. Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace is an all-inclusive venue with an in-house design team to decorate the entire ceremony space and reception ballroom, a bartender, banquet staff, tables, chairs, fine china, napkins, linens, sashes, runners, overlays, charger plates, votive candles, centerpieces, uplighting and all of the décor to make your wedding day absolutely magical. The ability to bundle all of the services, design and decor in an all-inclusive package delivers an affordable wedding venue. Do not settle for less with cheap wedding venues that will end up costing you more.


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