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Culinary Affairs is South Florida's Premier Catering Service

Experience the sophistication and elegance of fine dining with Culinary Affairs, south Florida’s premier catering service. Create an exquisite event with a curated menu that delivers the finest and freshest of every culinary creation to your unique table. Avoid a cookie cutter event, and design your table with a food experience from fantasy. Customization and quality services bring a personal chef to your side to explore a globally diverse menu with everything from romantic Italy to a festive south Florida Latin flair. Celebrate with a bold food experience that is made to be remembered.

Explore the Menu

Taste the menu and explore the seemingly endless options. Everything is prepared from scratch with the finest ingredients to please a sophisticated palate. Deliver excellence and a memorable catering experience to your table with the infusion of bold flavors, fresh ingredients and rich sauces that tease the tongue. Travel a menu of diversity with dishes that explore influences from around the globe, from Italian and Latin to the traditional American affair. Let Culinary Affairs create a finer catering experience at your next event with the taste of an exquisite cuisine and appetizers prepared fresh and delivered to your elegant table.

A Unique Catering Experience

Culinary Affairs provides a unique and unparalleled catering experience. Your magical celebration come true is the focus of everything we do. The owner and head chef attend each and every event to ensure the success of your fine dining experience. Service is elite and select, providing only quality and exclusive attention to your special day. We are a family that delivers flavor and strong consistency to everything we do. Family is intrinsic to life’s most momentous celebrations; therefore, Culinary Affairs strives to bring your family together for an unforgettable dining experience.

A Customized Catering Experience

We want to learn about you and the dream event you envision. Whether you imagine a full-service catering experience with plated meals or a buffet-style event, dream it up with the master chefs at Culinary Affairs. Share your personal stories and let us create the fine dining your moments deserve. Everything is uniquely crafted and customized with an appropriate menu for you and your special occasion.

Experience a Tasting

Bring family to the table to taste and plan an experience, not just a menu. Build a food experience for your magical day with an hour to an hour and a half tasting, where you get to taste a little of it all. Choose from three to four appetizers, a full buffet, two main entrees, two to three side dishes and two salads. Choose a unique menu for your unique event with vegetarian and vegan options. Let our catering specialists and master chef walk you through the process of building your table of entrees and appetizers for an event they will remember forever.


  • Wedding and Special Event Packages

  • Beverage Stations

  • Drop-Off or Plated Service

  • Full-Service Catering

  • Additional Services and Staff

Celebrate the moment like it was meant to be remembered. Contact Culinary Affairs to begin planning extraordinary catering services.


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Discover the Crystal Ballroom experience. Imagine your unique moments during a guided tour behind the scenes, and receive a consultation with our planning professionals. 

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