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Diamond Engagement Rings

We drop to a knee with that big question on our lips and an open box in hand, which we hope contains the perfect engagement ring. While perfect is relative to the eyes of the beholder, understanding a little about the shape of stones can make choosing engagement rings a little easier.

Round Diamond Engagement Rings

When choosing diamond engagement rings, we must begin by choosing the shape of the diamond. While your significant other has probably daydreamed about the shape of the diamond for quite some time, this dream probably wasn't shared with you. Since we wear engagement rings for the rest of our lives, we want to give them the ring of their dreams. Discovering the ring of their dreams might involve a little work. With that in mind, round diamonds are the most popular among the shapes for diamond engagement rings. This could be because it is the classic cut for engagement rings.

The most important characteristic of a round diamond which determines quality is the cut. Symmetry of 58 facets on a diamond is considered ideal. The round cut has exceptional brilliance and fire, making it an exceptional choice. However, this doesn’t mean a round diamond is the ring your true love dreamed about.

Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Many dream of princess cut engagement rings for the sparkle, elegance and the symmetrical square shape. Princess cut engagement rings are beautiful and versatile. They can stand alone confidently as a solitaire or be grouped with other stones. This cut is the second most popular among diamond engagement rings. It provides elegance, brilliance and that incredible sparkle with a slightly lower price tag.

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Emerald cut engagement rings add sophistication and elegance to the setting. The step-cut facets on a rectangular-shaped cut create a vintage look. The cut provides less sparkle or fire than round diamonds, but are more transparent.

Marquise Cut Engagement Rings

The eighteenth-century French king Louis XV ordered the making of this unique shape to match the lips of his chief mistress, Marquise of Pompadour, because he believed she had perfectly shaped lips. This cut provides one of the largest surface areas of any other shape, and features 33 facets on the crown and 25 facets on the pavilion. Marquise cut diamond engagement rings give the illusion of long and slender fingers.

Engagement rings are just the beginning of happily ever after stories. The designers at Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace are the finest in the art of designing and creating fairy tale weddings. Contact Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace to speak to a professional designer!


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