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Summer Wedding Flowers

Summer Wedding Flowers

Your summer wedding flowers will create an unforgettable experience. Bring in the vibrant colors of your favorite season to the most romantic moment of your entire life. We have a few ideas for your summer wedding flowers to make the moments perfect.

Green Accents for Wedding Flowers

Regardless of the colorful blooms you choose, green is the perfect accent. Summer is the season for wedding flowers in every color, and green accents every bloom. Bring this neutral and tranquil color into your wedding venue with eucalyptus garland. You can add eucalyptus to your bouquets, decorate the wedding arch or create dramatic table runners in the reception area.

Summer Wedding Flowers

A Little Pink

A summer garden will always have a little pink. Create a dramatic effect with cherry blossom trees in your ceremony space. Peonies, camellia and hydrangeas create harmony with this favorite wedding color. Nothing could ever be as sweet as pink roses decorated on your aisle or in oversized vases throughout your venue. Consider wildflowers, daisies, chrysanthemums, celosia blooms and tropical spidery protea. Amaranthus are droopy wedding flowers that will complement bouquets and décor throughout the space. If you imagine a romantic setting in the late summer, dream up a floral adventure with blush pink summer wedding flowers and dramatic pampas grass.

Summer Wedding Flowers

Yellow Wedding Flowers

Yellow is the color of happiness. Add a little happy to your wedding flowers with yellow bouquets and centerpieces. Sunflowers create dramatic centerpieces and elegant bouquets. You might consider cymbidium orchids, tulips, ranunculus, daffodils, roses and carnations.

Summer Wedding Flowers

Purple Weddings

Add a little creativity with clusters of purple crocus and lilac. Create a bouquet or decorate your wedding venue with lavender, coral and lots of fuchsia. Larkspur and delphinium are beautiful wildflowers for any rustic summer affair. Fill your centerpieces with violet roses. Accent with greenery, white roses, bouvardia and bagonias. Consider lavender, anemone, bittersweet nightshade, cattleya, orchids, calla lilly, candytuft, waxflower, lilac, aster and hydrangeas.

Something Borrowed

Borrow these ideas for your wedding flowers and add something blue to your wedding day with blue peonies, roses, ranunculus, tweedia, larkspur and delphinium. Summer weddings create opportunity to get creative with rustic themes and wildflowers.

Summer Wedding Flowers

White Wedding Flowers

White weddings are easily created with elegant white wedding flowers. Imagine your bouquets and centerpieces with white anemone, hydrangeas, gerpoms, tulips, snapdragons, carnations, alabaster rose gypsophila, dendrobium, orchids, dahlia, peonies, hybrid poppy, ranunculus, godetia and queen Anne’s lace.

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

Bring imagination and create a garden of romance with your favorite wedding flowers at Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace. Meet with master designers and design your ceremony and reception space from fantasy. This all-inclusive wedding venue includes all of the furnishings, designs, décor and services to create the wedding of your dreams.


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Discover the Crystal Ballroom experience. Imagine your unique moments during a guided tour behind the scenes, and receive a consultation with our planning professionals. 

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