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Inspiration for Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces are intrinsic to every wedding, and an important decision for your theme. The wedding centerpieces you choose are usually guided by your theme and season. These ideas should help you choose the right wedding centerpieces for your fairy tale moment.

Floral Wedding Centerpieces

Flowers seem to be part of every wedding. They add color, life and season to the romantic affair. Regardless of the type of wedding centerpieces you choose, you will likely choose wedding flowers to accent your table décor and fill the wedding venue. Flowers are romantic and expressive. They provide a certain energy to the room and define your space. Depending on the flowers you choose to accent your wedding centerpieces, it can change the entire tone of the room. Different flowers bloom in different seasons, and add different colors to your venue.

Wedding Centerpieces

Design with Candles

Candles are versatile wedding centerpieces that create a dramatic effect, and compliment almost any décor and every theme. Adding candles to your wedding centerpieces will heat up the romance. Nothing is more romantic than flickering candles at your dinner table. Float votive candles in jars and vases filled with water on tables among other arrangements. Dangle stringed votive holders from elegant manzanita trees.

Wedding Centerpieces

Candelabra Wedding Centerpieces

Candelabras are elegant wedding centerpieces and dramatic additions to any table. The height, color and finish can add elegance, texture and dimension to the room. Just changing the color and finish can make a difference in your theme. Gold and silver wedding centerpieces are elegant. Crystal or acrylic candelabras infuse a classy and modern tone that can add the illusion of floating flowers when topped with floral arrangements. The height of your wedding centerpieces will determine the degree of the effect added to the space. Depending on the blooms you choose, it will change the mood of the entire room. Candelabras can be embellished with feathers, pearls and votive candles, making them extremely versatile wedding centerpieces.

Wedding Centerpieces

Make a Statement with Lanterns

Lanterns are another extremely versatile piece of décor. Lantern wedding centerpieces can create anything from rustic to elegant. Depending on the style, color and finish, you can carry the theme anywhere from French country to vintage. A flickering candle inside adds romance to every table. Lantern centerpieces can be surrounded by flowers or exist alone. The size of the lantern will determine whether it will be a focal point on the table or exist as an accent piece.

Add Vases to the Table

Vases are popular wedding centerpieces. Adding a vase to a table can change the style, mood and theme of the entire space. Tall clear vases can be filled with water to float votive candles or filled with flowers to match the season. Vase wedding centerpieces are available in several dimensions to match the space and purpose. They can stand alone or be used to accent other table décor.

Wedding Centerpieces

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace

Crystal Ballroom BeachPlace is an all-inclusive wedding venue that masters the art of creating fairy tale weddings with unique and elegant wedding centerpieces to match your theme. Meet the professional design team and coordinate the elements of your table settings from a selection of napkins, linens, overlays, runners, charger plates and elegant wedding centerpieces. Select from our beautiful candelabras, vintage manzanita trees, tall floating candles, gorgeous lanterns and oversized floral arrangements. Create your romantic moments in a ballroom designed just for you.


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Discover the Crystal Ballroom experience. Imagine your unique moments during a guided tour behind the scenes, and receive a consultation with our planning professionals. 

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